This CV is written in AsciiDoc format. Its source code is available at cv repository on my github account.

Personal Details

Eugen Stan

I’m passionate about technology and the benefits it can bring. I believe technology should serve people and I do my best to achieve that goal. I like building systems and I find myself experimenting. Two personality traits that describe me are curiosity and tenacity.

My first coding experience was in ~6th grade with a HC 85 PC running Basic. In high school we learned Turbo Pascal and I self-thought myself C and Linux. I used to sneak in the computer lab often. I convinced them to let me install Slackware. I read Let’s Build a Compiler and then I wrote an interpreter for a simple language, unimaginatively called Interpreter for Pseudo Code. I took a break from coding during most of my college years.

When I started coding professionally I used mainly Java and JavaScript.

Today my language of choice is Clojure and ClojureScript. It’s a fun language to use.

I like libre/open source software and I was/am involved/support/promote Apache Software Foundation and Debian communities. I founded Bucharest-JUG together with Andrei Savu and Mihai Soloi, which I managed alone for a while.

  • Mobile Phone/WhatsApp: +40 720 898 747

  • Skype: stan.ieugen

Social Media

Professional Experience

Self Employed at Netdava

February 2016 to Now (Ongoing)

I do client work through my company. If you think I can help you or your company please let me know. Since october 2020 I’ve started publishing regularly on my blog - I go into more details there.

Cloud migration for a Romanian online retail company

October 2020 - Ongoing, Online retail

I’m working with an online retailer from Romania to adopt cloud tools, build a delivery pipeline and inprove their time to market. The end goal is to enable the client to grow their IT team in a manageable way.

I’m helping them migrate to cloud (Kubernetes), build a CI/CD pipeline. All this is setup with Single Sign on via LDAP and Oauth2. It has been mostly infrastructure work with some Java on the side.

Some of the tools we used are:

  • RedHat Ansible - for infrastructure setup

  • Jenkins - with declarative pipelines as a CI/CD build tool

  • Docker - to build containers images

  • Kubernetes - as an application scheduler

  • FreeIPA - for identity management to nodes and applications

  • Gradle - to build the Java application

  • git - for version control

We’ve also helped them build a monitoring system with Prometheus and Grafana so they can better monitor their production systems.

Internal projects

June 2020, September 2020 Netdava

I’ve spent some time working on company internal projects and infrastructure. We’ve also built a ClojureScript single page application for converting bank statements from a custom CSV to [Open Financial Exchange] format.

API integration Manychat, Silferbots and Netopia Mobilpay

May 2020 → June 2020,

The client wanted to enable card payment via Facebook Messenger marketing robots. I’ve used PHP with Laravel Framework and Docker to build an API integration on top of the clients existing Wordpress hosting solution.

Gr8pi SaaS - People assessment platform

January 2018 (from July 2015) → May 2020, Great People Inside

My third start-up experience. I had many hats: developer, team manager, solution architect, managed operations, investor.


The Great People Inside company sells assessments used in Human Resources (HR) processes. I’ve helped to build the Gr8pi platform, a Software as a Service (SaaS) internet platform that delivers the assessments internationally. When I left we had clients on all major continents and delivered more than 500.000 questionnaires in more than 20 languages.

I started as a developer and bootstrapped the project by writing the first lines of (Java) code. As the team formed, I took on team management responsibilities. When we went live, I also took on a DevOps hat. I was in contact with the client and provided technical solutions and designed the project architecture. I worked with a remote team from Vietnam and had to overcome language and timezone challenges.

It was interesting, it was fun, it was stressful. I’ve done a lot, I’ve learned a lot and I have grown a lot from this experience.


We deployed on Hetzner and Amazon Web Services (AWS). I pushed for Docker adoption and then Kubernetes. I automated infrastructure deployment via HashiCorp Terraform, RedHat Ansible and Kubespray. I pushed for centralized Identity Management to reduce operational overhead. We started with LDAP and then we implemented web Single Sign on via Microsoft Azure AD and Keycloak.

To deliver the products to all the 20+ languages, the company needed an affordable translation solution. I deployed Weblate and then integrated with Micosoft 365 via Microsoft Azure AD for easy management.

We had separate Kubernetes clusters and environments for production and staging/development. I’ve implemented Single Sign on with OpenId Connect for development infrastructure: Jenkins, Nexus, Kubernetes, etc.

I implemented a tool using Clojure to automate translation updates from Weblate for our production systems.


Gr8pi was deployed using a micro-service architecture. We held daily Scrum meetings and worked in development sprints. We used Bitbucket for code hosting and Jira for issue tracking.

We used Gradle as a build system. We packaged applications as Docker images and pushed them to Nexus. For staging environment I implemented automated deployment on every Jenkins build.

Technologies Tools OS/Runtimes

Java, Clojure, JavaScript, SQL, React.js, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Keycloak

Bash, Vim, IntelliJ, Gradle, Jenkins, Fywaydb, HashiCorp Terraform, RedHat Ansible, Helm, Dbeaver

Debian, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenJDK 8, GraalVM, Node.js

Self Employed at Stan Ioan Eugen PFA

June 2012 to May 2018
Eugen Stan PFA

This is my first micro company that I used to work on various projects.

Gr8pi SaaS - People assessment platform - part 1

I worked on Gr8pi, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. I continued the work on this project via my other company (Netdava). Please see the details there.

Misc projects

Electronic invoice/order processing

April 2013 → April June 2014, DocProcess

My second start-up experience. I was involved with designing and implementing a platform for electronic document processing.

The platform did invoice and order mediation for super-markets in Romania and it’s suppliers. We went into production after six months, with a very small team. When I left the project, we mediated documents for three big super-market stores in Romania and over 200 of their suppliers.

I was involved in the project with different roles and did the following activities: training on specific technologies and workflows, software design, architecture, Java implementation. I also handled DevOps. My operations tasks included: monitoring, deployment, level 3 support.

Some of the choices I’ve made:

  • Infrastructure:

    • I’ve pushed for virtualization of existing servers using XenServer installations with centralized storage for easy back-up and recovery.

    • We’ve integrated a lot of services into LDAP for unified Identity Management.

  • Development:

    • I’ve trained the team to use version control (git) and Maven for dependency management.

    • We started using GitHub + Issues for issue tracking. Later moved to Bitbucket and Jira.

    • We used Git Flow and pull requests for code review and Jenkins for automated JUnit tests.

  • Standardization: I’ve pushed for standardization across all stack

    • same operating system(Debian)

    • same JDK OpenJDK 7

    • same Database - PostgreSQL - to minimize operation overhead and improve development speed.

  • Technology: We used an open source technology stack. Gnu/Linux (Debian Stable) as base operating system with the Apache Karaf application server using Apache Camel for mediation and routing. We used PostgreSQL as a database. I integrated Apache FTP Server and Tomcat WebDav with Apache Shiro for authentication and authorization and we used Smooks for data transformation.

On Demand Apache Hadoop processing on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

June 2012 → January 2013, at Axemblr Software Solutions

This was my first "Start-up" experience. I joined Andrei Savu and we’ve worked on bringing Apache Hadoop on Cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache Cloud Stack) and other consulting projects. I engaged in company growth and product development. I represented the company and our product in front of the judges at Strata + Hadoop World 2012 Startup Showcase finalists.

I was involved with the following:

Java Developer at 1and1 Internet România

September 2011 to May 2012
1and1 România

I worked inside the Big Data Solutions team on an email clustering application using Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase and Apache Mahout.

Java Developer at Apache James (Google Summer of Code)

May 2011 to September 2011
Apache Software Foundation

I applied and was selected to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2011 program. Apache James is an enterprise email server written in Java. It is a component based, high performance enterprise email server. During the program I implemented an mailbox storage solution on top of Apache HBase. I also contributed a fast iterator-like interface over email messages stored in an mbox file. This contribution is part of Apache James Mime4j.

After the project I was proposed and accepted to become an Apache James Committer and later, a member of the project management committee.

Java Developer at Joseki Bold

January 2011 to May 2011
Joseki Bold

My first fully remote, full-time job as a software developer in Java. I worked on a Java network application based on (then JBoos) Netty library. I am grateful again to Emilian for helping me start my IT career.

Fire Fighter Officer at Inspectoratul pentru Situatii de Urgentă "Dealu Spirii" Bucuresti-Ilfov

November 2009 to December 2010
ISU "Dealu Spirii" București-Ilfov

My first long full-time job was as a Fire Fighter. My responsibility was to command a fire-fighting unit in training and rescue operations. I participated in about 100 rescue operations and missions with Detasamentul Special de Salvatori.

I also got a small sponsorship in IT equipment. I wanted to do a digital migration and use electronic documents and tools.

NetBeans Platform Translator at Joseki Bold

August 2009 to September 2009
Joseki Bold

This was my first paid contract. I translated the NetBeans Java Platform in Romanian language. I am grateful to Emilian for giving me this opportunity. I used the money from this and some savings to buy my first laptop. Of course, I installed Debian on it.

Conferences & presentations

I try to stay up to date and love going to open source conferences. I also founded Bucharest-JUG, helped manage it and hosted the sessions.

  • I spoke at AdaptTo() 2018 with Dmitry Telegin about Modern authentication in Sling with OpenId Connect and Keycloak

  • I spoke about Continuous Delivery at I T.A.K.E. Unconference in Bucharest 2014

  • I participated at Java2Days Bulgaria in 2013

  • Participated at Apache Con Europe 2012 in Sinsheim, Germany

  • I spoke at Berlin Buzzwords about Apache James in 2012

  • Participated at Apache Con North America 2011 in Vancouver, Canada

  • Apache Mahout Training - held by Grant Ingersoll, Vancouver, Canada, during ApacheCon 2011

  • Scrum training - on the job training 1and1 Internet Romania, 2011

  • Machine Learning online class by Andrew Ng, Stanford University, oct. 2011 - dec. 2011

  • Artificial Intelligence online class by Sebastian Thurn and Peter Norvig Stanford University, oct. 2011 - dec 2011

  • Introduction to Databases online class by Jennifer Whidom Stanford University, oct. 2011 - dec 2011


Academic Background

Fire Fighter Faculty

Bachelor’s degree, Engineering
2004 - 2009

Language Skills

  • Romanian: native language

  • English: fluent (reading); intermediate (speaking, writing).

  • French: intermediate (reading, speaking, writing);

Hobby and other

In ~2016 I decided that every year I will take a class to learn something new. The class/course should be about something I like or find interesting, in fields other than my work.

So far:

  • I’ve learned double entry accounting and I keep my personal finances using HLedger, a tool for Plain Text Accounting.

  • I have a International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft Class D, C and S and I go sailing from time to time.

  • Took dance classes (ongoing): Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba - I love to move and love the festivals.

  • I’m a licensed massage therapist

  • Took cooking classes in Bucharest and Hoi-An, Vietnam