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Hi! I’m Eugen Stan. I’m passionate about technology and the benefits it can bring. I believe technology should serve people and I do my best to achieve that goal. I like building systems and I find myself experimenting. Two personality traits that describe me are curiosity and tenacity.

ieugen about

My first coding experience was in ~6th grade with a HC 85 PC running Basic. In high school we learned Turbo Pascal and I self-thought myself C and Linux. I used to sneak in the computer lab often. I convinced them to let me install Slackware. I read Let’s Build a Compiler and then I wrote an interpreter for a simple language, unimaginatively called Interpreter for Pseudo Code. I took a break from coding during most of my college years.

When I started coding professionally I used mainly Java and JavaScript.

Today my language of choice is Clojure and ClojureScript. It’s a fun language to use.

I like libre/open source software and I was/am involved/support/promote Apache Software Foundation and Debian communities.

I founded Bucharest-JUG together with Andrei Savu and Mihai Soloi, which I managed alone for a while.


  • Mobile Phone/WhatsApp: +40 720 898 747

  • Skype: stan.ieugen

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