My activities for week 48 of 2020 - Kubernetes and OpenId Connect integration

- 29 Nov, 2020

Kubernetes and cloud

This week I had some client work around Kubernetes. I had to deploy a Kubernetes cluster with SSO with Dex. I configured Dex to delegate authentication via LDAP to a FreeIPA installation.

I encountered some problems during the process and submitted relevant issues and when possible a PR with documentation.

I discovered why groups where not working with Dex and LDAP and submitted a PR to improve documentation for for OpenID Connect scope param of oauth2_proxy. Related issue

Helm Controller

I also submitted an improvement suggestion for k3s helm controller to allow debug. This was related to the current not-so-good way of how Helm Controller handles re-installs and un-uninstalls. I’ve also contributed a PR for k3s helm controller docs - after some feedback from the Slack channel.

During a Kubernetes outage for another client I discovered that the error message the kubelet shows is not very relevant and added my feedback to open issue about missing kubernetes certificates.

Tags: authentication oauth2 oauth2-proxy kubernetes dex k3s contribution FreeIPA LDAP open source

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