My activities for week 49 and 50 of 2020 - helping a friend learn Clojure

- 13 Dec, 2020

Helping a friend learn Clojure

I talked recently to an old friend of mine, Alin. He started learning programming and he is serious He was using C++ to solve some online problems and was very passionate about it. I suggested I can help him out learn Clojure and get started into the business. He very much liked the idea and now I am mentoring him on his quest to become a programmer.

I’ve shared with him how my setup is and what are the tools and he setup his environment. I use Calva for writing Clojure.

After that we did some online sessions on how to use Calva and "Rich comments" and he was on his way.

I also suggested to go through the Clojure Koans to test his skills once he is familiar with the language.

All in all his background and affinity for computer science helped him move quite quickly. He seems to be enjoying Clojure so far and is has progressed nicely.

After this we are going to go through git and Docker - which I think are essential tools to know as a developer.

If all is well in the near future I hope we will work together on some projects.

Raspberry PI Kubernetes cluster

I’ve setup a Kubernetes cluster on my Raspberry PI 4, with 4GB RAM. The objective is to play around with it and to self host a NextCloud instance I am using. I did manage to make the Raspberry PI 4 boot off of an SSD drive, install Kubernetes on it (a bit over kill, but - experimenting) with cert-manager and nginx-ingress.

I also deployed OpenFaaS with the end goal of testing Clojure serverless functions. Now, there are not any Clojure templates for OpenFaaS so I will have to write some. I’m also planning to make a template for Babashka.

I do think OpenFaaS has potential to deploy small services. They can be used to demo applications and API’s t clients or to deploy small pieces of API’s for automation and all kinds of things. I’m quite excited to see how it behaves over time and if this is something that can be used reliably. I’m also very curios on how this is going to behave in regards to maintaining it over time.

I did not manage to finish the work since I got carried away with house renovation issues. To be continued …​

Miscellaneous work

New company website

We manage to deploy a new company website - Netdava. We do have to add a lot of content there but it looks better than the old one. It does have the new logo and a bit more color to it.

Kudos to Andrei who did the work.

House renovation

I’m renovating the apartment I’m staying in and this has taken quite some of my time and energy. It seems I don’t have any choice but to redo the electrical wiring and it’s going to be a mess. It’s been a distraction from the computer work, and while initially a nice one it’s gone beyond that.

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