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photo of me and the mountains
Hi! I'm Eugen Stan.

I'm a software engineer building open-source projects and writing about programming.

I believe technology should serve people and I do my best to achieve that goal.

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22 Nov, 2020
Write Gnome extensions with ClojureScriptThis week besides some client work I contributed to shadow-cljs-gjs-target. shadow-cljs-gjs-target is a plugin for Shadow CLJS that allows people to build Gnome applications in ClojureScript via GJS Gnome JavaScript Bindings.This started from my desire to build Gnome Extensions so I can improve my workflow. I use Gnome on my Debian system and I would like to improve how I maange my time. I thought about using an extension to help me with my time tracking app - hledger - which is a plain text tool.I found How to create GNOME Extension video series on youtube and I thought - can I do this with Clojure(Script)?As I said, I wanted to see if I can build Gnome extensions in ClojureScript. Since Gnome extensions are written in JavaScript and use Gjs I thought that a good place to start is shadow-cljs-gjs-target.I got feedback from the plugin author @titonbarua and also ShadowCLJS author Thomas Heller. I was able to draft a working example and the PR to build Gnome Extensions with ClojureScript was merged.When I have some time I would like to explore making some usefull Gnome extensions. I will probably start with porting the How to create a GNOME extension code from JavaScript to Clojure.
14 Nov, 2020
Some things work better when you have instant feedback.